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I was born in a thatched cottage in Hampshire; austerity was rife, the Beatles were still in Hamburg so we had to put up with Cliff Richard - these were dark times. Working on the assumption that Cliff and his demonic Shadows would never tour The Channel Islands we moved to a small farm on Sark. This was bad timing as The Beatles and The Stones were in England so we went back. My time on Sark was not wasted however as this led to my passion for small farms and small tractors.

Five primary schools and one immensely crap secondary school (Highbury Avenue Salisbury) later and instead of going to art college I went to Lackham Agricultural College and promptly got thrown out. Then followed the traditional artists’ journey of tractor-driving, building, furniture-making, singer-songwriter, car restorer and pen and ink artist.

Finally sense prevailed and in 2009 I did a foundation art course at Banbury College where I discovered ceramics. After exploring new things at Banbury I did a fine art degree course at Oxford where I concentrated on painting in oils.

Thrown out of agricultural college and armed with a degree from Oxford Brookes - there can’t be too many of us.

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